Gamifying Consumer Engagement

Remember When You Were Fun?

As the world bids a not-so-fond farewell to the Mad Men-era model of intrusive bragging couched in wink-wink cleverness, brands are finding the new paradigm of direct, one-on-one digital communication comes with unexpected challenges. Our brands are like guests at a party, each trying hard to be fresh and honest and interesting and engaging with every person we encounter. The room is packed with very earnest — and kinda pushy — brand personalities. We kind of miss the clever.

So here is some very serious, well-researched marketing advice you can apply to both your brand and your social life: when the party gets stale, you be the person who shouts out “Hey, let’s play Twister®!” Okay, maybe not Twister®. Boomers find it painful, and even most Gen Xers will wake up stiff. Millenials will play because it’s free. The point is to stop selling and start marketing. And the force that is rising to the top of the marketing arsenal is gamification.

Thomas Puckett is a leading developer of game-driven consumer engagement systems. Our principals include lottery visionaries, deeply experienced casino gaming marketers, sweepstakes mavens, and crystal ball-insightful social game developers. We know how to get people into the game, and, more importantly, we know how to get the game out of the way so consumers can consume. Because in marketing, it’s not about the game. It’s about rewarding customers for playing.

We’re making game-based brand engagement sytems for clients in consumer package goods, hospitality, retail, restaurant and other industries. We advise lotteries the world over. We have developed a powerful new game-centric revenue stream for musical artists who have seen their incomes ravaged by the new digital paradigm. And we’ll raise millions for charities in the process.
Wanna play? Your customers do. Give them the gift of engagement and they’ll feel richer by giving you more of their business.